I'm Where I'm Supposed to Be / by Diamond Coleman


I believe there is that one special person for almost every single human being on the planet. I know for sure that one day, I will find that special person and we'll drink lots of wine, eat too much pizza and watch obscure movies on Netflix together on rainy nights. But it's the passage of time up until that point that can really suck. When it comes to love, the unknown intimidates me. Not knowing when I'll find my special man is, at times, annoying and frustrating. This annoyance and frustration then leads to self-inquiry and self-reflection. Am I not going out of my comfort zone enough? Am I being too picky, or is it just that I have high standards and refuse to settle for anything less than what I truly desire? When will I meet that special man and in what ways will he change me? In a perfect world, I would know the answers to these questions and therefore wouldn't have to ask them, but our world is far from perfect. And that's a good thing. Somewhere down the line during my life journey, the answers to these questions will inevitably be unveiled in ways that I cannot fathom. I just have to keep believing that I'm where I'm supposed to be. If I'm meant to meet a guy and get engaged by the age of 25, then so be it. If I'm meant to meet a guy but never get married, then so be it. The most important thing for me right now is discovering who I currently am and who I aspire to be. It's only fair that I figure myself out before I allow someone else into my life on such an intimate level.

Sorry, special man. You'll just have to be patient and wait for me.



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