33 Things People Need to Stop Doing Immediately / by Diamond Coleman

Y'all know you need to stop.


1. Appropriating a culture

2. Posting inaccurate and ignorant commentary on social media

If you don't know something about a certain topic, search engines are indeed a thing that you can easily use and access for free.

3. Slut-shaming

And really, shaming of anything that isn't harmful to anyone else. Just let people live!

5. Walking in a horizontal line consisting of more than two people on the sidewalk

This goes out to all the groups of friends and families that seem to love to take up the whole entire sidewalk. I know you may think you're the only people walking on it, but I assure you that you're not. Single file, please.

6. Standing in the middle of a crowded sidewalk as if no one else is trying to walk past them

I will literally stare at you until you move.

7. Posting about the Kardashian family (mainly Kim, Kris, and Kylie) on social media if it's not satirical or humorous in some way, or if it doesn't involve calling them out on their shit

8. Saying that Black people shouldn't be allowed to say the n-word if white people—and other non-Black people—can't say it (especially if you're white)

Enough said.

9. Walking up to someone that has her headphones in and still deciding that it's a good idea to talk to her

I actually can't think of anything else that says "Leave me alone" more than having headphones in one's ears.

10. Getting on crowded trains and buses


Unless it's an emergency or you're in a serious time crunch, you can wait for the next one. You and everyone else getting on just make everyone else's situation worse.

11. Wearing big-ass backpacks and bags on crowded trains and buses and hitting people when they move around

At least have the decency to put it on the ground or reposition it so it doesn't slam into someone's face.

12. Playing music from their phone through its speakers so that everyone on the train or bus can hear it

I'm not sure who told you it was OK to do this, but in case there was any confusion, I'm here to tell you that it's actually not.

13. Having loud conversations on the phone on the train or bus

Nobody wants to hear very intimate details of your Saturday night with your boo, sis. Leave that info for your bestie in the privacy of your own home.

14. Thinking that all introverts are shy, antisocial individuals that hate people

Some of us are. Some of us are not.

15. Thinking that all extroverts are extremely outgoing, always happy, and incapable of being by themselves

Some of them are. Some of them are not.

16. Thinking that one can't be a little of both of the aforementioned personality types

17. Not making their mental health a priority

I can't stress enough how important one's mental health is, and it should usually come first in one's life. If your mind isn't in a stable place, most aspects of your life will be more difficult to deal with as a result.

18. Letting any person, place, job, or situation adversely affect their mental health or well-being

Nothing—and I really mean nothing—is worth sacrificing your well-being for. If something in your life is affecting your mental health, it's time to reevaluate and determine what you can do to better your situation.

19. Giving their advice when no one explicitly asked for it in the first place


20. Taking a 'break' from social media and then returning days later

21. Wearing a dashiki if they're not Black

22. Not having faith in their own journey and the struggles that come along with it

I truly believe that most things happen for a specific reason. In many cases, perceiving all the good and bad things that happen in our lives in this way make life a lot easier.

23. Forgiving Chris Brown for all the stupid things he does

chris brown.gif

Physically abusing Rihanna, cheating on and disrespecting Karrueche on social media repeatedly, and tweeting ignorant-ass, misinformed thoughts entirely way too often are just some of Chris's colossal fuck-ups. I no longer have hope that he will actually mature and truly feel remorseful for his actions. Yes, I think he needs to get some serious help for his mental issues (which I think he clearly has), but I just can't tolerate his foolishness anymore. Boy, bye.

24. Having issues with interracial couples

It's 2016. Get over it and let people love whoever the f*ck they want.

25. Having issues with the LGBTQ community*

*See the caption for #24

26. Calling people "Spanish" just because they're from (or have roots in) a Spanish-speaking country

It only makes sense to call someone Spanish if, like, they're actually from Spain.

27. Dissing Rihanna knowing damn well she's one of the most successful musicians of this century

28. Saying that they can't understand what Rihanna is saying in her song "Work" and then proceeding to mock what they think she sounds like

Believe it or not, American English isn't the quintessential language of the world. (Crazy, right?!) She's speaking Barbadian patois, but you could've just used Google, Bing, or Yahoo! to figure that out. Again, those search engines are all free and easy to use—I'm not kidding.

29. Failing to comprehend the brilliance and importance of Beyoncé's Lemonade


30. Ghosting

I'm going to say that very few people deserve to be ghosted on. I know it's awkward to tell someone that you're not feeling him or her anymore, but it's the most mature and respectful thing to do. Or, ya know, you could just be honest from the beginning about what you want—that works, too.

31. Not responding to text messages

Unless it's someone you should absolutely not be talking to (like an ex, stalker, creepy person, etc.), just respond. I'm guilty of this, but really, it takes very little effort to type some words and send them.

32. Watching Grey's Anatomy

Like, c'mon, y'all. It's been on for 27 seasons now. It's time to hang it up and let Shonda create another show for us to throw our whole entire lives into, OK?

33. Doing the 'Running Man Challenge' 

The only running man I acknowledge is the dance that was made popular in the 80s.