Once upon a time, I was an Editorial Fellow at BuzzFeed LA. It was fun and one of the best learning experiences of my life. Collectively, I received 7.5 million page views on my work. Here are some of my posts, but you can see them all here and here.

17 Miracles That Every Twentysomething Dreams Of

Unexpected free food, unlimited wine and an actual love life? Yes, please!

This Is What The Cast Of "The Cosby Show" Looks Like Now

The cool thing about working at BuzzFeed was getting to experiment with its awesome and super-smart CMS. In this post, I utilized a cool and innovative tool that lets you slide from one side of a picture to another. Check it out!

46 Questions You Have When Watching "Gilmore Girls" For The First Time

If you're a newbie to "Gilmore Girls," then you have to feel me on all of these questions.

17 Secrets People Who Basically Live On Instagram Won't Tell You

We all know that one person who will delete a picture if it doesn't get enough likes. Hey, maybe it's you.

20 Signs You're Not Fit To Be An Adult

You still have your mom make doctor appointments for you. Enough said.